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Heroes Helping HandsHelping to provide school supplies and reimburse the teachers of Clark County School District, NV. In addition to formulate a plan to assist with the school lunch programs and provide assistance with homeless students. Harley Harmon Put yourself in the shoes of a child that's trying to learn and educate themselves while experiencing hunger pains, writing with broken pencils, pens or markers due to inadequate school supplies. Then at the end of the day you carry your inadequate supplies home in a plastic bag that was previously used to carry groceries. Think of the child's state of mind and self esteem. Now try to concentrate on what the teacher is trying to convey to you. The Heroes of America Foundation, Inc is determined to assist in putting a stop to this type of issue among many that affect our children's ability to learn.

Clark County School District of Nevada

Clark County School DistrictAs of January 31st 2018 The Clark County School District has another set of eyes on its books after a state committee put the cash-strapped public school system on a financial watch list.

The Local Government Finance Committee approved a recommendation from the Department of Taxation to place the nation’s fifth-largest school district on “fiscal watch status,” which requires it to share monthly statements and provide periodic updates to the committee.

Source: Courtesy -Meghin Delaney Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Some Clark County School District students may be eligible for free or reduced price meals depending on family size and income as part of the National School Lunch/Breakfast Program which provides nutritious meals every school day for eligible students at participating elementary, middle/junior high, and high schools. Looking for an easy way to pay for your child's school meals? You can pay Online with a debit or credit card. Visit www.schoolpaymentsolutions.com.

Performance Level of Nevada Schools

Nevada's elementary, middle, or high school, a school must be among the lowest performing schools based on the NSPF index points in reading/ELA and mathematics earned in the areas of Performance (Status) and Progress (Growth) during the current year. Nevada schools did not meet the participation requirement. When a population/subpopulation does not meet the participation goal of 95%, the school will receive a Warning. Subsequent years of not meeting 95% participation has resulted in our children being under educated. View the data at the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF).

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