Our Story

Established in September of 2017, The Heroes of America Foundation was founded by a diverse group of individuals who wished to further their passion for public service and community outreach and engagement. Specifically, the founders Sean and Christopher Pascoe, Justin Williams, Christopher Necas and Tyler Mleczko, who are members of such agencies as the United States Armed Forces, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and the Nevada Highway Patrol, felt a need to support public servants when they are faced with their own personal challenges. Along with Alex Underwood, a local real estate investor and developer, and Aubrey Pascoe and Seth Schmalenberger, UNLV English majors, the group sought to utilize their multiplicity of skills by creating a non-profit organization that would provide support and assistance for public servants.

Main Office
PO Box 91386
Henderson, NV 89009
Phone Number
Main: (702) 290-8560
Fax: (702) 478-7389